Intro: Follow the Calling of Your Soul

Welcome to 30 Days to Clarify Your Life Purpose!

Welcome, welcome, welcome (eeekkk). To say I'm excited for you would be an understatement.

The purpose of this intro is to provide a quick overview of what to expect in this course, as well as, provide additional links/pdfs for added clarify.

If you have did not previously take the free 3 day email course, 'Step Into Your Purpose' or just want a brief overview please visit the links below:

  1. Lose the Fear & Doubt-video
  2. Get Clear on What You Want & Follow Your Inner Guide-video
  3. Set Clear Goals & Create a Plan-video
  4. Discover Your Dream Job-pdf
  5. 4 Steps to Clarify Your Life Purpose-short powerpoint
  6. Do You Know Who You Are?-article
  7. Is the Intuition or Fear?-article
  8. 5 Questions to Help You Find Your Life Purpose-article

Click the intro video below for your formal welcome.